Digital Divas Dinners is an event series that brings together women working in all fields of technology, from a variety of sectors, at different stages of their careers.

The events are run quarterly and focus on building strong connections and new friendships for women and girls in tech.

Climate scientists, apps for Africa, ace entrepreneurs, and cocktails. That just barely sums up the phenomenal time I had at the last Digital Divas Dinner. Nowhere else in this formidable district, could you have the chance to clink glasses and connect with so many stellar women. DDD is not only a lovely time, but is perfectly planned and curated by Bonnie Shaw – a true inspirer of all things tech-and-lady.


Typically, 25 women are invited to each event – they each get to bring a professional lady crush for a total of 50 attendees. We start with drinks and conversation, move into short introductions, and then  share a delicious meal and hearty conversation.

DDD is the most inspiring, creative way to bring together DC’s best and brightest. It’s not about the field you work in or your level of expertise, but instead is about brining a lot of incredibly interesting and driven women together to learn.


The events have been hailed by attendees as highly valuable and extraordinarily fun and several hires and new jobs, project collaborations and deep friendships have resulted.

In addition to having a fabulous night meeting new wonderful women in a fun and casual setting, I took some amazing ideas away from the conversations I had with people I never would have met in the course of my daily routine, and used them to think differently about the way I communicate in my work and my life.


Get in touch via @bon_zai if you would like to attend, sponsor or partner with a Digital Divas event.

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